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Why GEO Domains

One of the best ideas in our opinion is using your geographic location and your type of business in a domain name.

Example: or

When you are looking for a plumber in the city of Denver, I believe that 99% of people are putting the terms, Denver plumber, Denver plumbers, Denver plumbing, plumber in Denver or plumbers Denver Colorado.

With this type of domain you gain a distinct advantage in that city and your service type of business. While this does not mean you are not using your actual business name.

Say your company’s name is Robinsons Plumbing Company Inc and your website domain name is, you can set up your website on and use your own company name to promote. Now you have an easy domain name to say, to advertise and to brand. Your combination of using your business name and a geo domain name is a definite no brainer.

We have a dedicated website for Geographic Colorado Domains, it represents a prime example of what and how to use a geo domain in your business.